Butterfly Footprints Painting

Butterfly Footprints Painting

baby footprints in a butterfly shape painting decor

Butterfly Footprints. This post may contain affiliate links, please see the end of the post for more information.For today’s butterfly project I did a footprint painting with Baby Girl.  It was a lot of fun to make and she loved having paint on her feet.  Little Dude does not like to get sticky, so he opted out of this project.  I will admit I tried to do a painting class with the kids.  You know, like the painting and wine classes, except this one had no wine. Maybe that is were I went wrong. LOL  I first started off with blue paint to make the sky.  They painted blue on their little canvases and then soon asked for more colors. I decided to let them do their own creative pictures and I would do my own.  I like to keep these 8×10 thin canvases in my craft stock.  We paint a lot and these make them feel like they are making their own masterpieces.

My picture above is done in several steps.  They were done painting long before me, in fact, they had a second painting session that day as well.  Some colors are hard to find in washable paint, however I truly enjoy Crayola’s 10 ct Washable paint. It comes with pink, which for some reason is hard to find, but more importantly it comes with white as well, so you can mix the colors to lighter version.

I started with several different colors of blue paint just brushing them back and forth down 3/4 of the canvas. As it dried, I tried to fill in spots where you could see the white part of the canvas seep through. I then set it aside to dry completely.

Next, I mixed a few colors of green and pulled down brush strokes for grass.  I tried pulling the brush stokes up as well, but it didn’t give me the look I desired.  I let it dry a little and again filled in spots where the white was showing.  I set it aside to completely dry.

On a paper plate I mixed my desired color of pink together.  I placed Baby Girl’s foot in the paint then placed it on the canvas.  You can roll the foot a little to see the toes more.  It would a bit easier with a baby than a toddler.  Then I wiped it off her foot with baby wipes, then repeated with the other foot.  Please note you want the feet to be opposite of their normal position, so the right foot goes on the left side and the left foot goes on the right side.

I normally would say let the butterfly wings dry before making the butterfly body, however I was impatient. I drew an outline of a caterpillar body then filled it in.  Once the body dried I added the face.

Lastly, I made the sun.  I recommend any additional items added to the picture be added after the butterfly.  You never know where your child’s foot may land.  I started off with orange to make the sun.  I impatiently let it dry then added another color of yellow, then when that dried I a lighter color of yellow.

I wanted to added some Glitter Mod Podge to the butterfly wings, but I’m out!!  NOOO!  I will have to buy some more, because it is the most amazing thing ever.  You can also top the picture off with clear coat of Mod Podge so it will last longer and not flake.

This would make an Amazing Mother’s Day gift!

Today’s Craft Supplies:

  1. Insect Lore Live Butterfly Kit
  2. 8×10 Plain Canvas
  3. Crayola Washable Paint
  4. Paint Brushes
  5. Modge Podge
  6. Glitter Mod Podge 
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