Life Cycle of Butterfly with Play Doh

Life Cycle of a Butterfly with Play Doh
butterfly playdoh
Butterflies made with Confetti Play-Doh. This post may contain affiliate links, please see the end of the post for more information.

Baby girl received some Confetti Play-Doh for Easter and it included a butterfly and a star cutter.  We started off making little butterflies and pretending they were flying around. I love how the confetti looks makes them look like colorful butterflies. Then they grabbed their Life Cycle of a Butterfly toys and we started to make animal impressions into the Confetti Play-Doh.

caterpillar impressions in playdoh
Caterpillar impressions in Play-Doh

‘The caterpillar and the leaf with the eggs worked best for impressions.  Little Dude asked if birds ate caterpillars.  When I told him they do, he told his caterpillars he would protect them from the birds.

life cycle of a butterfly impressions in playdoh toys
Life Cycle of a Butterfly impressions in Play-Doh

If you turn the butterfly upside down, you can get a better impressions of the wings.  We tried to make butterfly footprints, however the legs were too thin for anything to show.  Little Dude decided to bring out his Dad’s old toy Buzz Off from He-Man.  He loves this toy, because he thinks he looks like a bad guy and also because it used to be his Dad’s toy.

bee footprints with buzz off toy from he-man
Buzz Off from He-man in Play-Doh

Buzz Off also made better footprints than the butterfly.  After all playing together for awhile, I let them play with the Confetti Play-Doh themselves, which gave me a few moments break.

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