Nautical Classic Boys Pants by Seamingly Smitten Sewing Patterns

Classic Boy Pants Sewing Pattern. This post may contain affiliate links, please see the end of the post for more information.
Classic Boy Pants Sewing Pattern. This post may contain affiliate links, please see the end of the post for more information.

The person that gets the most excited about me making them some clothes is by far Little Dude.  He will even brag to his friends at preschool about his Mom Made outfits.  I love it and I hope he will always enjoy it, but bracing myself, as I know it may one day change.  He also gives me the best photos!  He is just a joy to be around and he has fun with everything.  For our trip to New England, I knew the beach was going to be a little chilly and cold was it. Brr! It was hard imagining we would be wearing pants and hoodies on the beach when it was 89 degrees at home.  I actually did not bring any jackets on our trip, so we had to purchase the shark hoodie at a tourist shop there.  Little Dude is actually wearing a blue shirt under the hoodie that I made him.  His pants were made by my go to pattern Classic Pants by Seamingly Smitten.  I have  made so many of them for him!!  You can see another pair I made for his Riddler Costume.

back of boys classic pants sewing pattern nautical

The Seamingly Smitten Classic Pants fit him perfectly. In fact, I have been using the same pattern for awhile.  He keeps growing tall, but his waist stays the same, so I just added a little length to the pants each time he grows.  I added a little extra length to these nautical anchor pants, as I hope they make it through the fall. I have made the classic pants in woven and even made them in knit fabric for some adorable pajama pants.

Classic boy pants sewing pattern- navy nautical anchor fabric

Watch out!  The shark is about to get us!  Little Dude is very sensitive when it comes to the textures of some fabrics.  I think he gets it honest from me.  Although I have grown out of a lot of my own sensitives, you will rarely see me in denim or itchy sweaters.  I like to bring him to the fabric store to pick out his own fabric.  He picked out this Waverly Navy and Silver Anchor fabric himself at Walmart.  I couldn’t find it on Walmart’s website, however I did find the navy and silver anchor fabric  in the Goofing off Sewing Etsy Shop.  It was even better Baby Girl already had a pair of Bubbla Shorts by The Eli Monster that matched for our family photo, which I will post later.

nautical boy beach photo anchor pants sewing pattern

The Seamingly Smitten Classic Pants are such a quick easy sew, even for a beginner.  I actually finished them the morning before our flight.  Hurry and buy yourself a pair today!

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  1. The pants are so cute. I’m with you on the growing taller without the waist getting bigger. I’ve learned to either only buy pants with buttonhole elastic or to add it in after the fact… That and belts. I have to say about your pictures too that your guy + the sand + the water + the hoodie = the perfect color palette. Just beautiful!

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