Mommy and Me Thanksgiving Leggings

mommy and me leggings thanksgiving falll pumpkins fleur de lis
mommy and me leggings thanksgiving falll pumpkins fleur de lis
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When I first planned this Mommy and Me Thanksgiving leggings post for the Simply By Ti Thankful Blog Tour, I started with a completely different idea. I had these cute Mommy and Me leggings that I actually started making last year. Aren’t they cute? (Please do not miss the giveaway towards the end of the post),

mommy and me leggings thanksgiving falll pumpkins fleur de lis
mommy and me leggings thanksgiving fall pumpkins fleur de lis

I personally designed the Fleur de Lis Fall Fabric on Spoonfloower; I used the cotton spandex jersey. For my leggings I used the Free Peg Legs Pattern from Pattern for Pirates and the Free Bonnie Legs Pattern from Made for Mermaids. The plan was to also make a sweater poncho with this amazing brown open weave sweater knit from Simply by Ti Fabrics, but that did not happen.  Hopefully it still will…

However, today I am on day number 10 of a very bad case of the stomach flu! Actually is called viral gastroenteritis, as what most people call the stomach flu is not really the flu.  I do not remember the last time I was actually this ill.  I have lost 4 lbs and have been very weak.

I was finally able to stop taking the Zofran yesterday and was able to keep small portions of food down. (And no.  I am not pregnant.  Aunt Flo also came for a visit this last week too.)  I was so excited I was finally overcoming the stomach flu, but then woke up this morning feeling horrible again. UGH!!  Please, I just want to feel better.  I emailed my DR. this morning and he said, I could have up to another week of this sickness.  I really hope not.

I do not want to make this whole post about my stomach flu, however the reason I bring it up in this Thankful post, is I have to give a huge shout out my sweet Baby Girl. I am so lucky to have such an amazing daughter.  Baby Girl really has gotten the short end of the stick this last week and half.  She has even missed her favorite gymnastics class.  In fact, she really has not left the house much.  I did not even get to take the kids trick or treating.  I asked my husband to take a picture of them and this is what I got!

Baby Girl’s Pink Astronaut costume was not even finished.  They suit still does not have cuffs on the legs or arms yet.  Once I am feeling better (and caught up on all the work I have missed), I do plan on finishing her pink astronaut costume and taking some pictures with it.  She loved it and has even asked to wear it a couple times since Halloween.  She has no idea the costume is not even finished.

Baby Girl really has been a trooper.  I am sure in the beginning, the extra TV and Kids Kindle time was exciting, but now after several days, she just wants more playing time with her Mom.  She has been sad, when I couldn’t pretend to fly around the house with her or spin her in circles.  She is really way to young to understand why I cannot play with her as much as I usually do.  When she saw me bent over crying in pain, she will run over and ask, “Hug?” and give me one her sweet hugs.  I am so thankful for those little sweet hugs.  I am so thankful for my sweet daughter.  I really cannot wait to feel better, so I can take her somewhere lots of fun, just the two of us.

Little Dude has also been amazing, he has luckily been at school most days I have been sick.  Every morning he asks me if I am feeling better and every night he tells me he hopes I am feeling better in the morning.  He also gives me the sweetest (quickest) little back rubs.  I am not sure how I have two such amazing children.  My husband also stepped up to help with the kids more.  It was amusing seeing someone else try to wrangle both the kids up to go to swim lessons and run around like a mad person trying to get things done.  LOL!  I also want to thank Shipt for delivering my groceries a couple times this week!  Amazing!

This post was originally planned to be more of a generic, how thankful I am for my little family. I really truly do love my family.  However, after these past 10 days, I am so appreciative for them.  I would never imagine my 2 year old daughter would try to take care of her Mommy when she was sick.  I feel very thankful and very fortunate.

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  1. Knits are such a foreign world to me, isn’t that awful? I’m tempted by the Aqua Stripe Ponte and the Niagra Double Brushed Poly. Not sure exactly what I’d make yet!

  2. The Fleur de Lis Fall Fabric is amazing!
    The Simply by Ti fabric I would choose is the navy stretch twill, so I can build those blue jeans!

  3. I would love to see that sweater finished, it sounds like it will be awesome. I would make a dolman out of that blue grey mottled ITY or maybe a Spellbound dress would be pretty.

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