Best Gifts Ideas for People who Sew, plus Sewing Pattern and Fabric Gift Cards

Best Gift ideas for people who sew
Best Gift ideas for people who sew
Best Gift ideas for people who sew
Best Gift ideas for people who Sew.  This post may contain affiliate links.


Need the Best Gift Ideas for People who Sew?  You have arrived at the right place!  I put together a list of some of my items and wants with detailed suggestions.  Lets get the list started!

Sewing Machines! I use Brother Sewing Machines, so I may be a little partial!  I did not know how to sew about 6 years ago.  After unexpectedly losing my corporate job at 8 and 1/2 months pregnant with Little Dude and a rough job market at the time.  I decided it was a good idea to buy a sewing machine and teach myself how to sew and create a business and that I did with a Brother SE400!

I love that the Brother SE400 has embroidery too!  It has been a workhorse, in fact, I have two of these!  I mainly use one for embroidery and the other for sewing now.  It is always nice to have a back up machine.  They have been used to sell many many many baby leg warmers and embroider thousands of onesies for old Etsy shop Giggle Poo.

Once I had my daughter, I started venturing into more clothes.  I started with woven fabrics and the more I sewed for my daughter, the more I wanted to try for myself.  I was told over and over again that sewing with knits were hard! Well it is if you don’t have the right supplies!  The cheapest way to make sewing with knits easier is with wonder clips and a good walking foot for your sewing machine.

 I rarely use pins anymore, but when I do I like to use these glass head pins.  They will not melt if you need to iron with them in!

Just a fair warning, once you try wonder clips, you may also fall in love!  The wonder clips are not only convenient, I do not have to worry about dropping them on the floor and my toddler finding them. They are great for fine motor skills development for little ones too.  The wonder clips and walking foot, both got me through my first stages of knits.  Then I wanted to add Mommy and Me leggings to my product line at my old shop, so I knew I need more!  I needed a serger, or two.  LOL!  My husband bought me a serger for Christmas one year and my sewing has never been the same! I use a Brother 1034D.

I now may have two of them!! One has light gray thread and my other one has black.  I am fan of using both regular maxi lock thread and stretch in the loopers:

The light gray and black serger thread works for most of my projects and since I have two sergers, I rarely have to change my thread.  I do have some white serger thread on hand and I need to buy some pink for pink obsessed Baby Girl!  Now with my sergers, I have become increasingly more confident in sewing with knits, but there was something missing!  A coverstitch!  A coverstitch helps make beautiful hems. I use a Brother 2340V.

Now, it seems like everything! So what is on my Christmas list this year?  Although, it is not technically sewing, I wan a Silhouette Cameo really bad!!!

I think some things are great with my embroidery machine, however I could have even more fun with our clothes with a Silhouette Cameo. I have read reviews from several places and I am convinced the Silhouette would work better for my needs (technically wants) than the Cricuit.

Also on my Christmas list are things I can never enough of, like tracing paper.  I use tracing paper for patterns that have several sizes, when making adjustments to patterns and for all those neckbands and extra pieces not included in some patterns.  One roll lasts me awhile, however it never good to run out! I use Bee tracing paper in white.

Need a great stocking stuffer? How about a sewing gauge?  They may already have one? That is okay! I actually have two. One ran away somewhere or is playing hide and seek and the second one has been used so much the numbers are now starting to rub off. A simple Dritz Sewing Gauge is what I use.

Another great stocking stuffer would be rotary cutter or blades!  I love my 45 mm rotary cutter; I really do not know what I do without it.  However, the blades do have to be replaced often, depending on how much you use it, what type of fabric and if you have a self healing mat.  I have a small self healing cutting mat, you can get one with a rotary cutter included.

Since, I was making Mommy and Me leggings, I needed a huge cutting mat. All the self healing mats at the time were out of my price range, so I bought a regular cutting mat.  Sullivans cutting mat is 59″x36″. Its huge!!  I have never needed a bigger mat! The cutting mat made my job easier.

The prices of some self healing mats are coming down in price. You can now find a slightly smaller size self healing mat for about the same price as my regular mat.

If you really want to give an awesome gift, you could throw in a cutting table too!  This cutting table would work well with either of the above cutting mats and it folds up on each side to save space when not in use!

Well, I guess those last few items were not really work as stocking stuffers, so here are few more that I love!  The frixit disappearing ink pens.  No, they are not for magic tricks, it is to mark fabric for sewing.

I have to share my favorite pair of scissors.  As many of you know, I used to live in France and I love all things French themed.  These little Eiffel Tower scissors are so much fun! I use them for embroidery, but more often I use them to cut my serger thread.

If your favorite seamstress loves matching everything like I do, then she needs the bias tape tool set!  Why settle for store bough bias tape, when you can make your own!  (Do not worry, my husband has no idea what bias tape is either, but I loved this gift he bought for me!)

Another item on my wish list this year are these cute hemming clips!  They are clips and sewing gauge in one! I cannot give any feedback on them yet, but they look awesome!

A few other things it always nice to have multiples are measuring tapes, seam rippers and thread!  I am a big fan of Gutterman thread for sewing.  It is always nice to have just the right matching color thread on hand, that is why this spool set is a great gift!

My measuring tapes always go missing.  My kids think they make fun toys!  I would love this pink measuring tape! It is so pretty!

Even though we all hate them, we all need them at point or another…  Seam Rippers.  If you see you person who sew with one of these in their hands.  Grab this a glass of wine!! Here is ergonomic large seam ripper, they will be sure to love to hate it. 🙂

I may have bought myself one small Christmas present while doing my own Christmas shopping.  Am I the only person whom did not know about these adorable mini irons?  I think it would be perfect for hems.  It is on its way to my house now.  🙂

These are, of course, only a few ideas to get your favorite sewist for Christmas.  Another great idea is to check Amazon Arts Craft and Sewing Lighting Deals.  They are updated all the time!


Two other things people of sew love as gifts are patterns and fabric!!  No idea want patterns and fabrics they want?  No problem, that is why there are gift cards!  You can always play it safe and buy an Etsy Gift Card or Amazon Gift Card (they both sell patterns and fabric too). Or, you could help support some of my favorite sewing patterns and fabric companies!


Sewing Pattern Companies Gift Card Options:

  1. Annelaine Sewing Patterns
  2. Do It Better Yourself Club
  3. Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns
  4. Everything Your Mama Made and More
  5. Frocks and Frolics
  6. Hey June
  7. Love Notions
  8. New Horizons
  9. Patterns For Pirates
  10. Peek A Boo Pattern Shop

Fabric Company Gift Card Options:

  1. Aurora Designs
  2. Boho Fabrics
  3. Jumping June Textiles
  4. Knitpop
  5. Mood Fabrics
  6. MK Designs Fabric
  7. Raspberry Creek Fabrics
  8. Sincerely Rylee
  9. Simply by Ti
  10. So Cheeky Fabric
  11. So Sew English
  12. Southern Belle Fabrics
  13. Zenith and Quasar

Other great ideas are a one year membership to Creative Bug for someone and get one for your self free here! They have lots of sewing tips and lessons.  Another place with sewing lessons, fabric and patterns is Craftsy.

I hope you found these to be the Best Gift Ideas for People who Sew!  Let me know if the comments if there is something on your list that I forgot!  Happy Shopping!

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