8 Gifts for Crafty People They Will Actually Love!

8 Gift Ideas for Crafty People They will Actually Love by Seams Sew Lo
8 Gift Ideas for Crafty People They will Actually Love 8 Gift Ideas for Crafty People They will Actually Love
8 Gift Ideas for Crafty People They will Actually Love by Seams Sew Lo
8 Gift Ideas for Crafty People They will Actually Love 8 Gift Ideas for Crafty People They will Actually Love

Looking for the best gifts for crafty people?  Do you know someone who just loves DIY! This past weekend was birthday and not only do I absolutely love sewing; I also love other crafts!  So, I thought I would share some of my non-sewing related gifts for my birthday this year.  My family completely spoiled.

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My first gift arrived early. It has been something that has been on wish list for a long time!

I really do not have a great space for a garden at my house.  Our pool takes up most of our backyard and we also tend to have lots of animal visitors that would probably eat anything I would try to grow.  My Mother-in-law has a few of these stand up garden planters and I have been wanting one so badly too!  Not only did my Mother-in-law buy me one, she bought me two!  She even came over with some organic soil and some seeds and helped Baby Girl and I plant some seeds. Baby Girl (okay me too) is having a great time watching out seeds sprout some leaves.  We have three little sprouts already of lettuce.  I am sure you will see more gardening posts soon.

My husband is notorious of buying things randomly off my Amazon wish list.  So a few weeks before my birthday, I go through my wish list to make sure the things on my list are actually things I really want.  As I know, he never starts shopping for my birthday until the week before, or with prime, just days before.  He found these two great gardening gifts on my list:


The first gift are some amazing herb scissors.  Yes, herb scissors!  I love to add herbs to my food, however I really dislike taking a knife and cutting up all the herbs.  Is it just me that feels like they might cut off their finger with those little herbs?  No?  Just me?  Well, now, that I have started growing my own herbs, these will come in nice and handy.

The last gardening gift I received for my birthday is a strawberry huller.  Baby Girls loves fruit!  My kids also love Nutella!  With this little strawberry huller, I plan to take out the core and fill it the strawberry with Nutella and other fun stuff.  Yes, I do have completely random gift ideas on my wish list.



I absolutely love my Silhouette Cameo 3 (I have this one here).  Vinyl is on anything and everything I can find.  Clothes,doors, decorate items, things I plan to one day organize…..  LOL! However, the Silhouette Cameo can do so much more than vinyl.  If you follow my blog, you know Baby Girl and I are both girly girls.  The apple does not fall too fall from the tree.  In fact, she is currently sleeping her first night in her new princess bed (this one).   So, I am sure it was no surprise for my husband to find this Rhinestone Starter Kit on my wish list.

Oh My Cow!!  (Baby Girl has combined OMG and Holy Cow and it has kind of stuck in house.)  Now all our clothes and stuff will have rhinestones!!  So sparkly.  Do you remember those Pippa Yoga Pants I made?  I think they need my logo on them, in rhinestones!!  How fun??

Of course, I had some pink rhinestones on my wish list too 😉

Now, my next gift I cannot take any credit, as it was not on my wish list.  He thoughtfully picked it out on his own.

He picked out the Silhouette Glass Etching Starter Kit for me.  This is going to be fun too!  We are celebrating a couple of friend’s birthdays this weekend with a wine trip; I wonder if I could etch a wine glass for each of them before Saturday?  Who thinks I can get that done? I am telling you here, so maybe I will actually do it.

Other great starter kits that I already own are the Mint Stamp Starter Kit (Currently on huge sale!), the Sketch Pen Starter Kit and the Vinyl Starter Kit.  I think I may need the Fabric Ink Starter Kit for Christmas.  🙂  Or you could give the ultimate gift, the Starter Kit Bundle!!  Wow! You get 5 starter kits!

Sometimes my husband has no idea what he is actually buying off my wish list and this next item is one of those:

What is it, you ask?  It is a heat press mat.  It is used when pressing vinyl to clothing.  The Silicon Pad is supposed to provide proper heat conduction to ensure high quality prints in every heat press application.  This particular heat press mat came highly recommended from a friend, so I will let you know how well it works.


As a little girl, my dream was to be a photographer.  I felt I have always seen the world in beautiful pictures. For Christmas, I was completely spoiled and my husband upgraded me to a new camera.  I absolutely love my Canon Rebel T6i (you can find it here).  As you can tell from my blog, I take a lot of pictures.  I do not even post a third of the pictures I take.  My beautiful camera bag, I have had for 7 years was really starting to show how many places I have taken it along for the ride.  After taking a glance at my camera bag, my husband, said “I think it is time you get a new camera bag.”  My camera bag did look pretty sad.  I took that as a cue to add a camera bag to my Amazon Wish List!  LOL

So, here is my new camera bag!

She is a beauty!!  Random fact…  I actually designed a camera bag 7 years ago very similarly to this one.  This was before I could sew, however I never went anywhere with the design.  I am ecstatic to see more feminine camera bag designs on the market now, than there were 7 years ago. This particular bag not only has great camera space, however it also has room for a laptop!  It is like two bags in one!

Still on my list for photography are the Marco LED Light and the Canon EF 35mm lens.  One day, I will own that beautiful lens. For now though, it will probably sit on my wish list for awhile, as I currently have two favorite lenses.  My two favorites are my 50mm lens and my 85mm lens.  The 35mm lens would just be a nice bonus.

Are you still looking for more ideas for your crafty loved one? Look for their own Amazon Wish List  to see if you find your hints on what they may love!

I believe this may be the first year I did not have any sewing related gifts on my list.  This is probably due to the fact, I have been completely spoiled over the last few years with sewing gifts.  Feel free to also check out my Best Gifts for People Who Sew List too!

Did I also mention, I am currently giving away lots of prizes in my Seams Sew Lo for my Birthday???  Go check it out!!

8 Gift Ideas for Crafty People They will Actually Love
8 Gift Ideas for Crafty People They will Actually Love
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