Family photo with Santa for Christmas Cards

celebrate the holidays blog tour
Celebrate the Holidays Blog Tour. This post may contain affiliate links.
celebrate the holidays blog tour
Celebrate the Holidays Blog Tour by Sewing By Ti. This post may contain affiliate links.

It is no secret that our family absolutely loves Christmas and Santa!!  So for my stop on the Sewing by Ti Celebrate the Holidays Blog tour, I knew I need to write about our annual Santa photo shoot.  Every year we take fun family photos with Santa.  This is our 5th year in row taking our photos with the “Real Santa.”  This is the most amazing Santa ever.  At 2 and 1/2 Little Dude already started questioning why the mall Santas were all different and why were some of them wearing fake beards.  He is a very observant child.  I told him Santa could not be every where at once, so he needs helpers.  Then insert the ‘Real Santa.”  Little Dude decided the Santa we take our picture with every year is the real Santa.  He has a real beard, a real voice and he is amazing!

Every year our plans for photos are very last minute.  Usually only a night or two before, do we decide on our Christmas outfits.  One year my husband dressed up Elf, including soda and syrup.  Another year we all dressed up as reindeer and a snow monster.  I was pregnant with Baby Girl and we announced her gender with our Christmas cards.  If you look closely there is a pink deer on my tummy.  Another year, we all dressed up as snowmen.  Little Dude again, was another snow monster.  He always loves to scare people.  Then, last year, we all wore matching pajamas.  This year, we decided to all dress up as Santa.

Christmas Family Photo, dressing up as Santa


Of course, Baby Girl wanted to be a pink Santa.

Girls Pink Santa Dress
Girls Pink Santa Dress

She loves Santa from afar, however up close she is really shy.  Our photographer was amazing and was still able to capture several great photos with Santa and Baby Girl.  I made her dress withe Ellie and Mac’s I love the 90’s dress sewing pattern.  I think it turned out perfectly.  There were plans to make my outfit and Little Dude’s outfit as well. However, as I mentioned above, our plans our always last minute decisions.  We bought Little Dude’s Santa outfit a couple days before hand, just in case I did no get one made in time.

Santa! I know him!!
Santa! I know him!!

I was finishing my dress the day of the photo shoot.  I chose the Watch and See Dress sewing pattern by Ellie and mac.  I used some fun red sparkly velvet and add a faux fur trim to the bottom.  I was almost done, I just need to sew up the side seams and add the neckband.  Well….  when I went to put the clip the side seams together, I realized I unfortunately forgot to cut mirror images.  NOOOO!!  There was not anymore fabric nor anymore time.

I told my husband I would meet him there.  I hopped in the car and rushed to party city and bought myself a Santa suit. Why do all of the women’s Santa outfits always have to be “Sexy Santa?”  I went with the pant suit, as the others were way too tight or short for our Christmas card.  This is one of the reasons, I love to make my own closes. I was (still am) super bummed, I had to wear a store bought outfit, but it is what it is.

Women's Santa Suit
Women’s Santa Suit

I literally changed in my car in the parking lot of Party City and booked it, to the photo shoot. I arrived just a few minutes late.  It worked out just fine.  At the end of the end of every photo shoot we always say, we need to plan better next year.  So please comment below with ideas you think we could do for next years photos!

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