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Oh Sew Kat Doll Clothes Blog Tour hosted by Seams Sew Lo
Oh Sew Kat Doll Clothes Blog Tour hosted by Seams Sew Lo. This post may contain affiliate links.
Oh Sew Kat Doll Clothes Blog Tour hosted by Seams Sew Lo
Oh Sew Kat Doll Clothes Blog Tour hosted by Seams Sew Lo. This post may contain affiliate links.

Welcome to the Oh Sew Kat Doll Clothes Blog Tour hosted by Seams Sew Lo!! (Do not forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post!) Baby Girl received two 18′ dolls for Christmas.  I am not sure who was more excited her or me.  :)! I never had these types of dolls growing up, so I am going to have lots of fun dressing them up right along with her.  Oh Sew Kat has so many doll clothes options.  I cannot wait to show you Baby Girl’s doll’s new dress!  You will get to see it tomorrow! In the Oh Sew Kat Doll Clothes Blog Tour we will be showing you the following adorable doll sewing patterns:

Sunshine Dress Doll Clothes Sewing Pattern
School Dance Dress Doll Clothes Sewing Pattern
Sugar n Spice Dress Doll Clothes Sewing Pattern
Party Time Dress Doll Clothes Sewing Pattern
Bloomer Buddies Doll Clothes Sewing Pattern
Playtime Top and Skirt Doll Clothes Sewing Pattern

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  1. My daughter is already requesting all sorts of dresses for her dolls! I’m excited to see what everyone does. Although I’m sure that will just add to my daughter’s list…

  2. What a fun idea. I look forward to checking out all of the patterns and ideas you have to offer in the next few days.

  3. So exciting! My daughter got an 18″ doll for her birthday (just before Christmas) and is having fun playing. So far they have matching mermaid tails, but I can’t wait to give them some clothes, too!

  4. I’m not sure if I totally understand the this blog thing but I am excited to follow along and learn what it is all about.

  5. Hey there! Thank you for the option to win some new patterns. I have several of your Disney Animators patterns. So cute and easy.

  6. The biggest problem I have is trying to decide what to make. There are so many ideas running around inside my head that making a decision is hard to do. I do manage to make the decision but I have to choose some material from my stash first before I can decide what pattern would fit the material best. Although, that does not always work. Thankfully, Oh Sew Kat patterns have helped make the choice a bit easier.

  7. I started sewing doll clothes several years ago when I purchased my two young granddaughters 18″ dolls for Christmas and had a difficult time finding clothes for them in the stores. I been sewing since I was 12 years old but took a hiatus from it when I had to get a full-time job outside of the house and with raising kids and a job and keeping the house clean, sewing was on the bottom of the list and in a box marked for things I want to do again. LOL So once I bought the dolls, I started buying patterns and started making them doll outfits. I’ve been sewing them since and the rest is history.

  8. I can’t get into the tour site today, January 19. I keep getting a message saying the site is insecure and not safe.

  9. Yesterday, I was unable to get into the tour site for January 19th. It kept giving me a message saying there was a privacy error. I am not getting that error from the previous tour sites. But now I am intrigued to know what “Seams like Style” is all about.

  10. Oh Sew Kat has some lovely patterns. Looking forward to making some Wellie Wishers clothes for my Grand daughter. Thank you for the giveaway!

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