Get Ready For Spring Blog Tour featuring Ellie and Mac Spring Sewing Patterns and Sale!

ellie and mac spring sewing patterns blog tour hosted by Seams Sew Lo
ellie and mac spring sewing patterns blog tour hosted by Seams Sew Lo
ellie and mac spring sewing patterns blog tour hosted by Seams Sew Lo
ellie and mac spring sewing patterns blog tour hosted by Seams Sew Lo.  This post may contain affiliate links.

Have you already started thinking of spring sewing patterns ? I have! We have been having unpredictable weather lately. In the same week it was almost -17F degrees (-27C) and it was also almost 60F (15C) degrees only a few days later. With each warm day, I get a little taste of Spring and with each super cold day, I crave Spring even more. I really do not like winter, maybe one day I will live somewhere where it is warm all year round. Until then, we will warm up your computer screens for the rest of the month with Spring inspired sewing patterns by Ellie and Mac in the Get Ready for Spring Blog Tour hosted by Seams Sew Lo (that’s me)!

In the Ellie and Mac Get Ready For Spring Blog Tour, you will find Spring Sewing Patterns for Girls, Boys and Women. We are so excited to show off our creations and we cannot wait to see yours! In fact, I am finding it very hard not to give a sneak peek of Baby Girl’s new Spring outfit, however we will have to wait till tomorrow for my turn on the blog tour. Ellie and Mac currently has ALL of her sewing patterns on sale! 35% Off Sale!! No coupon code is necessary, your discount will automatically show up in your cart! Go buy them here!  Also do not forget to enter the giveaway! You can earn new entries each day, by following a long with the blog tour and commenting on each blog post!

Please visit all the stops on the Get Ready for Spring Blog Tour featuring Ellie and Mac spring sewing patterns (35% of right now), hosted by Seams Sew Lo. Do no forget to enter the giveaway below too!


  1. February 3rd: Seams Sew Lo (Intro)
  2. February 4th: Seams Sew Lo
  3. February 5th: Violets and Jewels
  4. February 6th: Threadistry
  5. February 7th: Mama Can Make it
  6. February 8th: My Crazy Crafty Beautiful Life
  7. February 9th: Aurora Designs
  8. February 10th: Flaxfield Sewing
  9. February 11th: Floral and Flannel
  10. February 12th: FABulous Home Sewn
  11. February 13th: Minns Things
  12. February 14th: Our Play Place
  13. February 15th: Tenille’s Thread
  14. February 16th: Seams Like Style
  15. February 17th: Hutsepruts
  16. February 18th: Candi Couture Designs
  17. February 19th: My Sewing Roots
  18. February 20th: Manning the Machine
  19. February 21st: Stitched by Jennie
  20. February 22nd: Kathy’s Kwilts and More
  21. February 23rd: SewJourns
  22. February 24th: Mermaid Mama Designs
  23. February 25th: Fee Bricolo
  24. February 26th: Oak Blue Designs
  25. February 27th: Big Fly Notions
  26. February 28th: Sewing Blue


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  1. Yes I need Spring too! Last year we moved from the very top of Missouri to fairly low in SE Arkansas. While the winter was far more bearable here I’m tired of freezing too!!!

  2. Our winter has been
    so nice! It’s 52 degrees
    and have only worn a
    heavy coat a couple of
    times. Usually cold and
    Carla from Utah

  3. Was a winner announced for this? I’ve been checking this site and the Ellie and Mac Facebook Page, and haven’t been able to find it! Thanks!

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