Ellie and Mac Fall in Love Sweater Release and Sale!

fall in love sweater by ellie and mac womens top sewing pattern
fall in love sweater by ellie and mac womens top sewing pattern
ellie and mac sewing pattern fall in love sweater
Ellie and Mac sewing pattern fall in love sweater.  This post may contain affiliate links, please see the end of the post for more information.

The Ellie and Mac Fall in Love Sweater women’s sewing pattern is another win for the Mom bod!!  As my readers now, I am having a hard time getting rid of my Mom pouch.  Therefore, I look for tops that are not fitting around my waist.  When I saw the Fall in Love Sweater up for testing, I pounced on it.

womens fall in love sweater sewing pattern by ellie and mac
Women’s Fall in Love Sweater sewing pattern by Ellie and Mac

Honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with testing patterns for designers.  It forces me to sew and make more items for my children and me, however sometimes it takes several versions to get the test perfect.   For example, this test had 4 separate versions.  Although now, I have 4 new shirts and that all look great with my Mom bod.

ellie and mac womens sweater sewing pattern
Ellie and Mac women’s sweater sewing pattern

Since, I have been hitting the gym generally 5 times a week and trying to eat healthy, my Mommy pouch has been shrinking, but is definitely still there.  It probably is not going anywhere for awhile unfortunately.  What I love about the Fall in Love Sweater is, even from a side view, you still really cannot see my Mom bod.  The Fall in Love Sweater is not tight enough to see my belly, but not so loose that it looks like you are trying to hide something.  I used to get asked all the time, “How far along are you?” when my youngest was 2 years old and I definitely was not pregnant!!

ellie and mac sewing pattern fall in love sweater back
Ellie and Mac sewing pattern Fall in Love Sweater back

Now, one thing that has been shrinking is my derriere!  Actually I am pretty happy with my weight loss except for my tummy.  The Ellie and Mac Fall in Love Sweater is long enough to cover my derriere, which is nice.  You can also wear the Fall in Love Sweater with the band tucked under.

fall in love sweater by ellie and mac womens top sewing pattern
Fall in Love Sweater by Ellie and Mac women’s top sewing pattern

Tucking the band under gives the Fall in Love Sweater a more flowy look.  Fabric choice is going to important with this top.  I made a version in stretch velvet, sweater knit and lace, and this current top in rayon spandex.  The sweater knit and rayon spandex worked best in my opinion.  A good 4 way stretch with drape works well.  You can use 2 way stretch as well, however it may give you a slightly different look.  Cotton lycra can also be used with the Fall in Love Sweater, but you may want to size up. I used this gorgeous pink and red rose rayon spandex from Sincerely Rylee.

ellie and mac womens sewing patten fall in love sweater
Ellie and Mac women’s sewing pattern Fall in Love Sweater

This pink and red rose rayon spandex was only $3.99 a yard!  I love a great deal!  Usually my husband loves the outfits I make, however it did not like this fabric at all.  He is not big into florals. I told him, I plan on wearing it every day then just for him. LOL!  I also told him, I have this fabulous fabric in mint and red rose as well!  Good thing I make my clothes for me and not him. Little Dude, however, told me he really liked my shirt and Baby Girl wants one of her own.

Overall, I am very happy with the Ellie and Mac Fall in Love Sweater.  I plan on making several more, you know at least one in the mint and red fabric.  🙂  Its on sale for two days only at 20% off (discount will automatically show up once added to your cart), so hurry over to the Ellie and Mac website and buy it here!  Head over to Sincerely Rylee’s website for more $3.99 fabric deals here!  They also usually have a sale or fabric stocking almost every Friday!

So what do you think about the fabric?  Is my husband wrong or right?  Let me know in the comments below!

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