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Gengar Pokemon Shirt for Boys
Gengar Pokemon Shirt for Boys
Gengar Pokemon Shirt for Boys
Gengar Pokemon Shirt for Boys

Little Dude recently had a birthday!  I was excited to sew something for my boy.  For two years in a row Little Dude has had a Pokemon birthday party!  You may remember his last Pokemon Birthday shirt:

DIY Pokemon Raglan
DIY Pokemon Raglan

Just look how much he has changed in a year.  I am happy to report that he still can wear last years birthday shirt.  In fact, he is wearing it today!

Although he went through a phase where Pokemon was not as important over the last year.  Pokemon had been brushed to the side, it has now came back. Little Dude is really starting to love working with numbers.  He must get that from his father!  I am more of a language person.  With the introduction of Pokemon cards, he has learned a lot about numbers.

Since Little Dude is still young, instead of playing the real Pokemon rules, we play war instead.  Playing Pokemon has really helped him learn his numbers and do math quickly. Some day we may actually learn the real rules of Pokemon.

Boys Pokemon Gengar Birthday Shirt
Boys Pokemon Gengar Birthday Shirt

Little Dude was spoiled with presents. I really try to keep from buying too much, but I always overbuy.  I cannot help it.  He is such a good kid.  He received toys, games, lots and lots of Pokemon cards.  He loved it all! He had originally asked for a Ghastly shirt, then last minute changed his mind to Gengar.  I luckily found this awesome Gengar Svg on Etsy (you can find it here.) It was not until he tried on his new shirt that he give me a huge hug and said thank you.  He loves his new shirt and talks about the softness.  I used a Blue Double Brushed Polyester from Knitpop and it is soo soft.

Little Dude has some sensory sensitives, so clothes are hard for him.  He has sensitives to a lot of textures.  He knows when Mom makes his clothes I will always pick the softest fabrics without any tags!  I used the Jolly Roger Raglan from Patterns for Pirates.

Of course, I decided to last minute make something for Baby Girl for her brother’s birthday!

Pikachu Dress Sewing Pattern for Girls SVG file
Pikachu Dress Sewing Pattern for Girls SVG file

You can read my Pickachu Dress tutorial over on the Ellie and Mac Blog Here.

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  1. Great job on these! To my knowledge, my kids don’t have sensitivity issues, but some of our friends do and they love to try and snuggle into my kids clothes LOL. Which makes me think… one of them has a birthday coming up so I should probably get his measurements!

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