Fairy Forever Fabric Now Available for Preorder!

Tinkerbell inspired custom fabric preorder call all your friends
Tinkerbell inspired custom fabric preorder call all your friends

Call all your friends the new Fairy Forever Fabric is now available for preorder!! Yes, this adorable Tinkebell inspired fabric and green Fairy dust fabric on Preorder over at It’s Sew Creative right now. You can find the fabric here.

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The Fairy Forever Fabric features cute little blonde fairies, toadstools, butterflies and flowers. Baby Girl was so excited when received in the mail. She, especially, loved the green glitter fabric. She loves the faux glitter. She sometimes does not like the feel of some sparkling fabrics, so this was perfect for her.

Little Dude had a fall party at school and my responsibility was to bring some dress up clothes. That job was right up my alley. I did bring a few items from our own personal collection, however I dropped by my local Dollar Tree and picked up a bunch of supplies. I knew they would be not only perfect for the party, but also fun for dress up at home. I bought every color of fairy wings. You can find them here. Then were not only a hit at the party, as my daughter also loves the at home. The fairy wings also come in handy for photo shoots. I picked up the Tinkerbell shoes awhile back on local Mom Swap page on FB. Amazon has lots of cute Tinkerbell shoes.

Tinkerbell Inspired Fabric Preorder in a Me Hearties Sewing Pattern by Patterns for Pirates

I wanted to make Baby Girl something should could wear every day, however still have a bit of a princess feel. Then, it came to me… The Me Hearties dress or tunic sewing pattern from Patterns for Pirates. I has several options for the bodice, including this color block sweetheart neckline. What a perfect sewing pattern for a Tinkerbell inspired outfit. You can find the Me Hearties sewing pattern here.

Baby Girl absolutely loved how much she could twirl in the circle skirt, even in the tunic length. I was starting to thread my serger with some blue thread for the rolled hem, however she insisted, “No, blue! I want pink!”. So, pink it was for the rolled hem. It is her outfit.

For the leggings, I used the new updated free Bonny Legs, little girls leggings sewing pattern, from Made for Mermaids. I did a size 3 waist with a size 4 length. I love the new update to the Bonny legs sewing pattern. The fit is great and we have had no problems with the leggings falling down. You can find it here.

Baby Girls loves Minnie Mouse and babies! Each of trips to Disney, we let our kids pick out one reasonable toy to buy from the parks, as their souvenir of the trip. On our last trip to Disney, Baby Girl, chose this Baby Minnie Doll. It even comes with its own adorable little blanket. You can find it here. She later asked for Baby Mickey for some reward or maybe she talked Nanna into buying it for her… Either way, she thought they would like to be in the photo as well.

Now hurry on over and grab your Fairy Forever fabric here before the preorder ends!

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