Women’s Leggings Sewing Pattern, Urban Legs by Ellie and Mac

Women's Leggings Sewing Pattern by Ellie and Mac only $1
Women's Leggings Sewing Pattern by Ellie and Mac only $1
Women’s Leggings Sewing Pattern by Ellie and Mac on sale for only $1!

Bonjour my friends! As many of you are already aware, I practically live in leggings. I workout about 4-6 days a weeks, leaning heavier towards the 6 times a week lately. So, to say I have a few leggings would be an understatement. I have personally tried several leggings sewing patterns and I have two that are my “go to” sewing patterns.

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One of my favorite women’s leggings sewing patterns is the Women’s Urban Legs Sewing Pattern by Ellie and Mac! Today you may find the leggings sewing pattern on sale for only $1 here! Yes, they are only $1 right now, plus 5 other sewing patterns are also only $1 today as well!w

Since, I am only 5’0″ tall, I did have to take a few inches off the sewing pattern. The Ellie and Mac Urban Legs sewing pattern instructions included instructions on how to shorten/lengthen the leggings sewing pattern. I did leave the length a little longer. As I workout several times a week, my leggings generally washed and dried often, so I like to leave a little room for any shrinkage. Other than height I did not adjust the sewing pattern at all.

Ellie and Mac Women’s Urban Legs Sewing Pattern

The Urban Legs sewing pattern by Ellie and Mac also comes with several options: carpri, shorts, crop, regular full length and tall full length. I chose the full length and shortened it. There are several waistband options as well: high waistband, narrow waistband and contoured waistband. My belly is my one last problem area, so to help suck it in a bit, I used the high waistband option.

DIY Women’s Leggings Sewing Pattern in Performance fabric

The super shiny fabric is a Microflex from the Perforance Loungeletics collections at Joann Fabrics. The color is a shiny gray that changes from purple to blue depending on the light. You may find it here on sale here! It is so pretty!!! Since the fabric is a performance fabric, the fabric has less stretch than a cotton lycra or a double brushed polyester. If you are on the higher side of a size range, you may want to size up. I used my normal size and they worked well.

Women’s Leggings Squat Test

As I mentioned above, I work out a lot and the last thing any one wants is for their leggings to rip while squatting!! I have actually already worked out in these leggings a couple times (lots and lots of squats) without any issues. Even though the fabric says line dry only, I have dried them several times. I mean who has time to line dry their leggings? Not me!!

$1 Women’s Leggings Sewing Pattern

Most of my knit clothing I use only my serger, unless otherwise necessary. However, with my leggings I use my serger, then use a triple stretch on my sewing machine to give a little more security to the leggings. I know most people use the sewing machine first, then the serger. I think it is faster and easier to use the serger first. Try it!!

Skateboarding in Women’s Urban Legs Leggings Sewing Pattern by Ellie and Mac

While on spring break this year, we walked into this really awesome store called Del Sol. Everything changes color in the sun. Little Dude found this awesome white skateboard that changed blue in the sun!!! He really really wanted it, however it was $80 and I did not want to even attempt to bring it back on the plane. So, I told him no. When we returned home, I checked the website. I had a coupon and there was a sale on the clearance items, so I snagged the skateboard while I could for his birthday present. You may find it here and with this link you can save 35%!! Check out the nail polish as well, I may have several colors already. 😉

Somehow, I decided I wanted to teach myself how to skateboard and it is so fun! My neighbors laugh a little when they see this Mama skating down the street, but I do not mind. Right now I am still working on just basic skateboarding. I will let you know once I learn a few tricks. LOL!

Seams Sew Lo Skateboarding in DIY Women’s Leggings Sewing Pattern, Urban Legs, by Ellie and Mac

Baby Girl and Little Dude also like to take rides on the skateboard with my help of course. I may need to buy the skateboard that turns purple in the sun as well… I mean so we have more boards to share. Hee Hee

Ellie and Mac Women’s Leggings Sewing Pattern, Urban Legs

Skate on over to Ellie and Mac HERE to grab your Urban Legs Sewing Pattern for only $1 today!!

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