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Reversible Sequins dress
Dress up this Town Blog tour hosted by Sewing By Ti. This post may contain affiliate links, please see the end of the post for more information.

It’s me again on the Dress Up this Town Blog Tour hosted by Sewing By Ti.  Its an honor and pleasure to be a part of this Blog Tour.  Please see the links at the bottom of the post to check out all of the beautiful dresses these ladies are making for the tour. Also we have some wonderful sponsors and another GIVEAWAY!  Giveaway is listed at the end of the post.  Look at all the wonderful prizes you can win:

$20 Made For Mermaids
3 Patterns from Peekaboo Pattern Shop
2 Patterns Seamingly Smitten
3 Patterns Sew House 7
$15 shop credit to Tie Dye Diva

Wow! Look at this week’s sponsors!! Thank you so much!

Just Wow! I wish I could enter!  You can see my first stop on the tour when I made Matching Mommy and Me George & Ginger Drama dresses.  They were so much fun!!  Today though, I get to share with my new favorite dress I have ever made for myself.  I mean EVER!  But first, let me show you how I got there.  It all started with an instagram photo of reversible sequins.  I knew I needed some and then I scoured pinterest for some inspirations and then found this dress.  I had to make a similar dress.  I originally wanted to make the dress for our Anniversary last month, but I just could not find the time.  I thought the Seamingly Smitten (one of our sponsors, thank you!) Swing Dress would work perfectly, however it was a knit pattern, but can also used as a woven pattern. So, I started off making a knit version of the dress to gauge my sizing, but what I needed is the woven version.  I also took the front pleat out of the dress. I ended up right on the edge of a Medium and Large, so I chose a Medium, since I have been working on my fitness and have lost 13 lbs since February.  Woot Woot!  Only 15 more to go!  It is all in my Mommy Pouch and derriere.  Those spots are always the last to go!  Luckily this dress is prefect for the Mom bod!  You don’t see my pouch at all!

Seamingly Smitten Swing Dress in Silver Metallic Knit

I loved this dress so much I ended up wearing it for our Anniversary.  It is so shiny and fun!  I bought this metallic knit fabric at Joann Fabric.  It is quite sheer, so I did fully line this dress.  You have the option of lining just the top or the entire dress.  I did not fold the hem in, as I thought the dress was a little short on me, so I just serged the ends.  Not the fanciest finishing, but it was super quick and easy.  Speaking of quick and easy, this dress was fast!  From putting the pdf pattern together, cutting and sewing, it was super fast.

Per the pattern instructions it recommends I size up two sizes for a woven pattern.  I made it with just cheap fabric I bought from Walmart, so it has no drape.  Which was okay, because my final dress is a heavy fabric without a lot of drape.

Seamingly Smitten Swing Dress two sizes up in woven.


I was happy with how the front turned out, however I had issues with the side gaping.

Side gaping in woven dress fix

You can see the gape a little bit on this size.  I have not done it yet, but the designer recommended “Then take it in from underneath the arms by 1/4 inch on each side? That would reduce it by half inch on each side where it is too wide. Try it on inside out after you redo the straps, pin where needed then sew!”  She is always so helpful and quick to respond!  Before I asked for help for my final dress I decided to try to do just one size up and see how that works.

Seamingly Smitten woven dress one size up

Isn’t it cute?  I bought the Eiffel Tower fabric at Walmart.  Again it does not have a lot of drape.  I made this one is the petite length, as I am only 5′ tall.  This Mom is not used to wearing dresses anymore, so I thought it was a little short on me, although it probably is not.  LOL. Instead of folding the hem under, I serged the hem with black thread and topstitched black lace to the bottom of the dress.  I had lengthened the straps a bit with the woven, however it wasn’t enough.  I feel like the bust sits a little high, maybe that is why the dress feels short…  So my idea for my final dress was to use elastic ruffle premade straps.  I measured them to the finished length of the knit dress straps and adding a half inch on each side.  I think it gave me the look I was trying to achieve.  What do you think?  Do you like my final dress?


Reversible Sequins White and Pink Dress

I love it!!  I thought it would be hard to work with the reversible sequins, but it was not.  I only broke one needle and it was at the end when I doing the hem.  I have a few little tips on working with sequins, comment below if you would like me to do another post about sewing with sequins.  I bought this iridescent mermaid sequin fabric from fabric.com

Reversible Sequins dress

And here is a look at the back of the dress:

back of sequin dress

Thank you so much for stopping by, please please check out all the other ladies on the blog tour below:

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And of course the good part!!  Who wants to win some prizes??? Enter Below and Good Luck!!
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  1. Lori I absolutely LOVE the iridescent dress with the elastic straps!! And I love how you added the lace trim to the dress. This would also make a super comfortable nightgown with lace trim in a soft knit or bamboo! Keep on sewing!! I love seeing what you make!! Thank you so much for sharing all of your tips and the reversible sequins fabric is just insanely cool!
    Jenny Hall
    Seamingly Smitten owner/designer

    • Thanks so much Jenny! I just happened have the straps in my stash and thought I would try them out 🙂 It would be a great nightgown too. I cannot wait to make more of your patterns, trying to find more time to sew for myself!

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