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George & Ginger Drama Dress.
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Today is my first time participating in a Blog Tour hosted by Sewing By Ti and I am very excited.  This month’s blog tour theme is Dress up this Town.  Before kids I used to live in dresses, but it is just now that they are getting a little older that I am finding my way back to dresses. Today, let’s talk about the George & Ginger Drama Dress!  I have a Mom Bod, meaning when I wear tight fitting close people ask me when my baby is due. 🙁  I am not pregnant and I had my last baby a little over two years ago. I am only 5’0″ tall, so even just a little pouch (I have more than a little pouch) makes a big difference in my size.  I also have a decent size derriere as well.  The two together make clothes shopping awful and clothes making a little bit more difficult.  I measure a small every where but my waist and hips.  I am working on it.  We joined the gym, but in the meantime I am loving the drama dress. I do not have to adjust the fit of the pattern to fit my weird body shape. (Please make it to the end of the post to enter the giveaway from some wonderful pattern sponsors).

George & Ginger Drama Dress.

I don’t usually wear flowers in my hair, however my son gave it to me and insisted I wear it in my hair.  He is such a sweet boy and what I a great idea, as I actually love the look. The best thing about the drama dress it flows and drapes well.  The top of the dress fits well without the bottom of the dress appearing too large.  Sometimes when the dresses are larger on the bottom it makes you look pregnant, which is exactly what I am trying to avoid.  I have lost 10 lbs since February, so I may be able to size down soon.  Woot Woot!  This dress will be perfect even after I lose weight, as I have always loved flowy dresses.  If you look closely my Mom Bod is still is still incognito in my side profile, for the most part this dress covers my “areas in progress” nicely.

Mommy and Me Drama Dresses by George & Ginger

I did make a few changes to the drama dress.  I am still breastfeeding, so I lowered the neckline a bit to be able to pull it down to feed my daughter.  I also reduced the hem line an inch  for my height and I did not hem the bottom of the dress.  Without hemming the bottom of this dress, the dress came together super quickly.  I also made a matching dress for my daughter  (you can buy the bundled Mommy and Me Drama Dress here) which sewed up even quicker .  I didn’t have enough fabric to make her the flared skirt version of the Drama Dress Jr., so I made her the slim fit dress. These will be a staple for our summer wardrobe!

Mommy and Me Matching dresses by George & Ginger Pattern Co

I will make sure I have enough fabric to make Baby Girl a flared skirt version next time as she is going to love to twirl in the dress. I made these dresses for our 4th of July celebration. I cannot even tell you how many “I love your dresses” comments we received and then the shock on their faces when I said “Thanks!  I made them.”  Even the city photographer took noticed and asked for our picture, because she loved our dresses. The fabric is from one of my favorite places So Sew English.  It is a heart flag compliant double brushed polyester.  It is so soft and not too hot in a dress version.  It was 90 degrees last night and we were both very comfortable in our dresses.  You can find the Heart Flag DBP here and the George and Ginger Mommy and Me Drama dress here, purchase them today, you will not regret it!

Would you like to see a tutorial on how I lowered the neckline? Please leave a comment below and let me know!

Please check out all of the wonderful ladies in the Dress up This Town Blog Tour and do not forget to enter the giveaway from our sponsors below:

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  1. The dress turned out so cute, and I loved the alterations you made to fit your needs now. I’m petite as well (5’2″), so I can definitely relate to needing to make a few changes here and there to traditional templates. The pattern is adorable too!

  2. Love this Mommy and me patriotic look! You guys are too cute. Changing bodies are such a headscratcher at times. I’m finishing up nursing my baby girl, and I just realized that all of my tees that I made postpartum are not fitting anymore. That is the good news about sewing–that you can adjust for wherever you are at. Good luck in your getting in shape–it sounds like you’re doing well!

  3. You guys look great in your matching dresses! I’m 5’0″ too, and you’re right, even just a little bit of weight makes a huge difference for us short mamas! You look so good in this though, great photos!

    • It does make a huge difference, doesn’t it? I kind of like being short, so I won’t complain too much. 🙂 Thanks so much! Its all about choosing flattering clothes.

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