Best Halloween Sewing Patterns Round Up!

Best Halloween Sewing Patterns for kids
Best Halloween Sewing Patterns for kids

Halloween Sewing Patterns for kids list
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Best Halloween Sewing Patterns for kids is my first stop on the Monster Mash Blog Tour hosted by Sewing By Ti and Simply by Ti Fabrics.  Can I just say that I LOVE Halloween!  I just love it!!  Every month of the year I wish we had a dress up day!  Sometimes, I make fun outfits for kids to wear everyday, like the random day my son said he wanted to dress up as The Riddler for school or fun Tinkerbell Outfit for my daughter.  There are also the cute Wonderful Woman Costume and Skye Paw Patrol Costume for baby girl!  This year wants to be a ghost and my daughter wants to be a PINK astronaut!  Little Dude will probably change his mind at least 3 times before Halloween though, so I decided to build a list of all the Best Halloween Sewing Patterns for kids to find all the dress up patterns you want to sew.  I will continue to add more items as I come across more Halloween sewing patterns, so please pin this post for later!  All photos are sourced directly from the sewing pattern designers website or Etsy page.

Made for Mermaids Princess Dress Sewing Patterns:

Made for Mermaids Princess Dress Sewing Patterns are only $5 until October 7th!

  1. Jasmine
  2. Tinkerbell
  3. Baby Tinkerbell
  4. Cinderella
  5. Cleaning Cinderella
  6. Anna
  7. Elsa
  8. Rapunzel
  9. Minnie Mouse
  10. Belle
  11. Christmas Belle
  12. Aurora
  13. Snow White
  14. Tiana
  15. Merida
  16. Briar Rose
  17. Elena Tutorial

Storybook, TV and Movie Characters Sewing Patterns

  1. Skye Paw Patrol (See my version of Skye here!)
  2. Ariel
  3. Princess Leia 
  4. Luke Skywalker 
  5. Jedi
  6. Harry Potter Cloak
  7. Knight
  8. Olaf
  9. Kristoff (Free)
  10. Anna
  11. Elsa
  12. Little Red Riding Hood
  13. Storybook Dress
  14. Alice in Wonderland
  15. Belle
  16. A League of their own vintage Baseball uniform
  17. Owlette Wings
  18. PJ Mask Suits
  19. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  20. Jake and The Neverland Pirates
  21. Woody
  22. Mary Poppins
  23. Peter Pan
  24. Pinocchio
  25. Practical Princess Dress options for Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Merida, Belle, Ariel, Else, Anna, Elena of Avalor, Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Witch, Cat Woman, Medieval times, Moana

Animal Sewing Patterns

  1. All Ears Hoodie includes: Cat, Fox, Frog, Monkey, Dog, Bunny, Dinosaur, Bear, Lion, Mouse, Elephant, Shark, and Unicorn
  2. Mega Max Raglan with Ears, Wings, Tails and More
  3. Wild Things Vest includes: Fox, Unicorn, Lion, Bear, Bunny, Dinosaur, Cat, Mouse, Giraffe, Horse, Donkey, Ladybird, and dog
  4. Wild Things Cape includes: Fox, Unicorn, Lion, Bear, Bunny, Dinosaur, Cat, Mouse, Giraffe, Horse, Donkey, Ladybird, and dog
  5. Wild Things Coat includes: Fox, Unicorn, Lion, Bear, Bunny, Dinosaur, Cat, Mouse, Giraffe, Horse, Donkey, Ladybird, and dog
  6. Kids Cosplay Suit (also has matching Adult Cosplay Suits) includes Cow, Rabbit, Cat, Dinosaur, lion, Unicorn, Bear, Insect, Steggy and Dog
  7. Animal Vest Hoodie includes bunny, bear, cat, mouse
  8. Anamazing skirt and suspenders includes turkey, bug, owl, cat, dog , bunny, fox, mouse
  9. Penquin
  10. Owl
  11. Catsuit

Cheerleader Sewing Patterns:

  1. Oh Mickey Cheerleading Uniform
  2. Victory Cheerleading Uniform
  3. Spirit Jacket

Sewing Patterns For the Feet

  1. Wild Thing Slippers
  2. Wild Thing Shoes, includes Bunny, Fox, Raccoon, Kitty, Panda, Mouse, Bear
  3. Cozy Critter Socks, includes Fox, Raccoon, Reindeer, Kitty, Panda, Owl, Penguin, Bunny, Puppy

Wings and Cape Sewing Patterns

  1. Butterfly, Fairy, Bat, Dragon and Devil, (all in one package deal)
  2. Dragon Wings
  3. Spider Cape 
  4. Wifemade Wings

Hats Sewing Patterns

  1. Children’s Animal Hat Pattern includes: Bear, Bunny, Cat, Cow, Devil/Monster
  2. Baby Animal Hat Pattern includes: Bear, Bunny, Cat, Cow, Devil/Monster
  3. Sailor Hat
  4. Costume Hat includes: Chicken, Dinosaur, Dragon, Bug, Alien
  5. Charlie Bear Hat
  6. Aviator Hat
  7. Chef’s Hat and Apron
  8. Child’s Coif Hood with Bonus add ons, includes: dragon, rabbit, puppy, shark, knight
  9. Witch Hat and Cape

Masks Sewing Patterns

  1. Animal Masks Options (sold separately or can be purchased in bundles) : Lion, Elephant, Owl, Koala, Tiger, Sloth, Leopard, Wolf, Hippo, Monkey, Bear, Cheetah, Crocodile, Fox, Deer, Ram, Dog, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Ladybug, Owl, Dragon, Crow, Pig, Lamb, Rabbit, Chicken, Sheep, Cat, Cow, Bat, Dinosaur, Mouse, Shark, Panda, Giraffe, Wombat, Rooster, Platypus, Raccoon, Kangaroo, Hedgehog, Macaw, Raven, Hen

Free Halloween Sewing Patterns

  1. Kristoff
  2. Easy Felt Animal Masks
  3. Peacock
  4. Animal Faces Files


  1. DIY Halloween Basket, includes pumpkin, kitty and Bunny

I hope you enjoyed the list of The Best Halloween Sewing Patterns for Kids!  I am sure I have missed a ton of amazing patterns, please comment below with your favorite Halloween sewing patterns for kids.  Each day in October the Monster Mash Blog tour will post a new Halloween sewing idea, please check out all the ladies on the tour (I will be back again next week!)

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  1. What a great list of patterns! I didn’t realize there were so many wonderful dress up patterns available. I think I may have to try one of these each month cause they look so fun!

  2. Woah, now I feel like I have no excuse for not making my little guy a costume instead of phoning it in like I have been. I guess it’s good that he doesn’t know what he’s missing. Pinning this post for when I’m forced to actually make something good.

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