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wonder woman costume for toddlers diy sewing pattern
wonder woman costume for toddlers diy sewing pattern
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As I mentioned on my first stop of the Monster Mash Blog tour hosted by Sewing by Ti, in my Best Halloween Costumes Sewing Patterns Roundup, I love Halloween!  My son loves superheroes and is bringing my daughter along for the ride.  They both enjoy pretending to defeat a bad guy, so I decided to make my daughter a Wonder Woman costume.  Instead of using a costume pattern, I decided to use a clothing sewing pattern and transform it into a costume.  I have done this before with a Tinkerbell Costume for Baby Girl and a Riddler Costume for Little Dude.  For this outfit, I used the Haven by Violette Fields Threads.  It is one of my all time favorite sewing patterns for my daughter.

wonder woman costume for toddlers diy sewing pattern
wonder woman costume for toddlers diy sewing pattern

The vintage style of the Haven pattern draws me in.  The haven can be a dress, romper or pantaloons.  I chose the romper version for her Wonder Woman costume.  I paired Baby Girl’s Wonder Woman costume with the Wonder Woman Leg Warmers I made her yesterday.

homemade wonder woman costume for girls
homemade wonder woman costume for girls

It has a bib/suit version for the front bodice or you can choose a full bodice coverage. I embroidered the Wonder Woman logo with my Brother SE400 sewing/embroidery machine before sewing any of the pattern pieces together.

wonder woman costume for toddlers diy
wonder woman costume for toddlers diy

I used a Wonder Woman embroidery design from Etsy that is no longer available, however you can several here.  Since the fabric is thin, I taped a small piece of Water Soluble Stabilizer by Sulky on top of the bodice.  I also skipped the outline option of the embroidery design, because I was using gold metallic shimmer embroidery thread and thin fabric.  I did not want to overdo the embroidery design.  After the embroidery design, I washed away the water soluble stabilizer and then let the bodice dry.  Since the fabric is thin, it did not take long for it to dry.  In the meantime, you can start on the shorts.

wonder woman sewing pattern for toddlers
wonder woman sewing pattern for toddlers

I love the two tone option for the bodice. Usually, I like to add lace to the the top of the bodice, however this time, I went for a shiny gold color.  I used Gold and Red Lame Tissue for the bodice and premade gold lame double fold bias tape (the pattern includes instructions to make your own bias tape) for the trim.

girls wonder woman sewing pattern costume
girls wonder woman sewing pattern costume

For the shorts romper, I used blue lame tissueLame tissue is very affordable, however be aware it frays easily. I recommend finishing the edges of your pattern pieces with a serger if available. If not, just go slowly and be gentle with the fabric.  The pattern calls for elastic at the waist, however since the fabric is so thin, I decided to skip the waist elastic.  I believe, it still turned out well.

wonder woman sewing pattern for girls
wonder woman sewing pattern for girls

However, I did add the elastic to the bottom of the shorts to give the shorts a bubble romper look.  I did not have any issue with the fabric and the elastic.  I was just being extra cautious with the waist elastic.  Now onto my favorite part of the Haven romper, the back!!  Yes, the back!  Just look at it!

girls wonder woman diy halloween costume
girls wonder woman diy Halloween costume

The back of the Haven romper is just stunning!  It continues the vintage look.  Ordinarily, I would use lace instead of ruffles, however in this case, I had an idea to make ruffles with the lame tissue fabric.  Luckily, it turned out just as I hoped.  Yay! And yes, those are capes on the back of Baby Girl’s Wonder Woman leg warmers! Aren’t they adorable?  Here is a closer up look at the back of the haven romper.

back of wonder woman costume for toddlers
back of wonder woman costume for toddlers

I did also catch one photo of Baby Girl holding a sword with her Wonder Woman costume!

wonder costume for girls sewing pattern diy
wonder costume for girls sewing pattern diy

Again, as I mentioned above, the Haven romper by Violette Fields Threads is one of my favorite patterns for little girls.  Here are a few examples of other Haven Rompers I have also made.

Clearly, I have a Haven romper addiction! Please feel free to also visit my tutorial on the bottom 3D butterfly Haven Dress with a chiffon overlay.  I hope enjoyed the DIY Wonder Woman Costume for girls tutorial.  If you do not already own the Haven by Violette Fields Threads, then go buy it now here!! You will love it! Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.  Which version of the VFT Haven do think you will make?  Romper? Pantaloons?  Dress?

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