DIY Halloween Costume Sewing Patterns Blog Tour

DIY Halloween Costume Sewing Pattern Blog Tour
DIY Halloween Costume Sewing Pattern Blog Tour
DIY Halloween Costume Sewing Pattern Blog Tour
DIY Halloween Costume Sewing Pattern Blog Tour

Welcome to the DIY Halloween Costume Sewing Patterns Blog tour!  Halloween is a favorite in our house!!  I mean just check out my Best Halloween Costumes Sewing Pattern List! We love to dress up in our house all year round.  Here are a few Halloween Costumes I have made in the past:

DIY Tinkerbell Halloween Costume
DIY Tinkerbell Halloween Costume

Look how little Baby Girl was in her little DIY Tinkerbell Halloween Costume.  This was one of my favorite outfits; I was very sad when she outgrew it.  Read more about her Tinkerbell Costume here.

DIY Riddler Costume
DIY Riddler Costume

Then there was Little Dude’s DIY Riddler Costume.  He insisted I add a red question mark as it seemed more evil.  LOL!  You may read more about his Riddler Costume here.

Skye Halloween Costume, Paw Patrol, Googles and Wings
DIY Skye Halloween Costume, Paw Patrol, Googles and Wings

Baby Girl used to be obsessed with Skye from Paw Patrol.  She still does love Skye and pink, however she is moving on towards Princesses.  Pink ones in particular.  This Halloween she has requested a Princess Aurora costume.  So stay tuned to this blog tour, there is a new ultimate princess sewing pattern releasing soon! I am impatiently waiting for it.  In the meantime,  you can read about the DIY Skye Halloween Costume here.  You can make it yourself or buy it.  😉

Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume, DIY
DIY Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

Last year, Baby Girl’s school did a Disney character dress up day.   She insisted I make her a Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume.  Of course, I was thrilled.  We both went to the store and she picked out the fabric. You may read more about her DIY Minnie Mouse Costume here.

Then, there was the blog post I wrote for Ellie and Mac….   I created  a few new “Every Day Costumes” for Baby Girl.

Pickachu Halloween Costume For Girls
DIY Pickachu Halloween Costume For Girls

Little Dude had a Pokemon Party and Baby Girl needed something as well, so I made her this adorable DIY Pikachu Dress, you can read more about it on the Ellie and Mac blog here.

Gengar Pokemon Shirt for Boys
DIY Gengar Pokemon Shirt for Boys

Little Dude received a DIY Gengar Pokemon Shirt!  Of course, he needed some red scary eyes! LOL!  You can read more about it here.

In the same Ellie and Mac blog post, I made Baby Girl one of my favorite costumes:

Daisy Duck Costume Dress Sewing Pattern Easy DIY
DIY Daisy Duck Halloween Costume Dress Sewing Pattern Easy

How adorable is this DIY Daisy Duck Halloween Costume?  I mean, just look at all of those feathers.  This was so easy to make as well! Want to make your own?  Ready more about the Daisy Duck costume here.

Owlette Costume Dress
DIY Owlette Halloween Costume Dress

We went to see PJ Masks Live and Baby Girl, again needed something to wear, so I mad her this adorable DIY Owlette Halloween Costume dress.  🙂 She wears this dress all of the time, although she has gone through a growth spurt lately, so its more of a tunic.  :).  You may read more about it here.

Baby Girl’s latest costume is another favorite of mine!!

Fancy Nancy Costume DIY Sewing Pattern
DIY Fancy Nancy Costume

Yes!  I made Baby Girl a DIY Fancy Nancy Halloween Costume!  We adore Fancy Nancy in our house. Honestly, I am not sure who loves Fancy Nancy more, Baby Girl or me?  You can read more about Baby Girl’s Fancy Nancy Costume on another blog post I wrote for Ellie and Mac here.

Are you ready to see all of the new Halloween costumes on the DIY Sewing Pattern Blog Tour?  Me too!!  Go ahead and follow along with us!

DIY Halloween Costume Blog Tour
DIY Halloween Costume Blog Tour
  1. October 8th: Seams Sew Lo 
  2. October 9th: Momma Newey’s Makes
  3. October 10th: Itsy Littles
  4. October 11th: Aurora Designs
  5. October 12th: Mijn 11jes &ik
  6. October 13th: Seams Sew Lo
  7. October 14th: My Golden Thimble
  8. October 15th: Make It Sew With Bear and Pea
  9. October 16th: Duchess and Hare
  10. October 17th: A Rose Tinted World
  11. October 18th:  Cute. Sew. Make
  12. October 19th: Custom Made by Laura
  13. October 20th: My Golden Thimble
  14. October 21st: Crafty Curly Couture
  15. October 22nd: Malounami 
  16. October 23rd: Seams Sew Lo
  17. October 24th: A Rose Tinted World
  18. October 25th: GYCT Designs
  19. October 26th: Crafting Through Time
  20. October 27th: Aurora Design Fabrics
  21. October 28th: Sew Couture by Kathy
  22. October 29th: The Sewing Goatherd
  23. October 30th: Manning the Machine
  24. October 31st: Seams Sew Lo (Roundup)

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