Weight Loss Progression 2 months, September 2017

Weight loss progression
Weight loss progression

It has been a little over two months since I announced my attempt at getting healthy, so I thought I would give a little update.  My true start to getting healthy started in February of this year (7 months ago) by trying to eat healthier.  I am currently down 20 lbs since February and 10 lbs since I added the gym to my routine in July.  You can see my July picture here in my Day 1 to My Getting Healthy Journey blog post.

I have made lot of progress.  A total loss of 20lbs, I have gained some muscles and I have slimmed down quite a bit.  My birthday was on Saturday and it was one of the best birthdays I have had in awhile and I also was the day I was officially down 20lbs.  I think it was because I am finally starting to feel healthier and better about myself.  I have been really working my derriere off, literally.  LOL.

I was going to write a blog post on my birthday about how excited I am for seeing so much progress, but I was busy making the gorgeous new Marjorie dress by Hazel and Gather!  This dress is amazing and can I tell how much I love it.  I felt beautiful in the dress.  It covers my Mom Bod so well!

So lets talk about my Mom bod.  I have one and I like to cover it up, like with the Free Spirit Tank I am wearing in the above picture.  I am having the hardest time getting rid of my pouch of a belly.  Before starting my weight loss journey, I would often get asked, “How far along are you.”  To which I had to painfully respond, “I am not pregnant.”  My weight has gone down significantly, but of course the progress I want cannot come quick enough.  I literally go to the gym at least 5 times a week (unless my kids are sick) and I eat super healthy (90% of the time).  When one of my son’s projects for school asked, what is your Mom’s favorite food, he answered: “Not cookies or cakes, only healthy food.”  I guess he has taken notice of my dedication to my weight loss journey.

Then comes yesterday.  I went to apply to be a sewing pattern tester of a pair of super stylish knit pants for a pattern company.  I took my measurements to select a size to test and, yay, my hip measurements came in at a medium size, my waist though….. came in a 2XL size (two months ago, I would not have even been on the chart).  I was a little surprised and shocked there was such a difference in the sizing of my waist and hips. I thought I had made more progress than this.  I ended up not applying to be a tester, as I did not want to go any further down that road.

So this lead me to wonder, did they have some wonky size chart, or is it me?  Well, apparently its me.  Apparently my waist measurement still puts me in the obese category and higher risk for heart disease and other complications. Also since I am so short (only 5’0″), I am supposed to get my waist even thinner, than those of an average height.

I, originally, planned this post to be an uplifting post during my “I lost 20 lbs high,” but I think it also good to show the ups and downs of weight loss.  I know I have made a lot of progress and have improved my health substantially, however I think this was just a reminder that I still have a lot further to go to meet my goals.  I try to keep my goals small and obtainable, so I am constantly setting new goals.  Wish me luck!  I will show you my progress again in a month or two..


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