Claire’s Women’s Cardigan Sewing Pattern Release by Seamingly Smitten

Women's Cardigan Sewing Pattern by Seamingly Smitten

Women's Cardigan Sewing Pattern
Women's Cardigan Sewing Pattern
Seamingly Smitten Claire Cardigan Sewing Pattern for Women.  This post may contain affiliate links, please see the end of the post for more information.

The new Claire Women’s Cardigan Sewing Pattern is a must have for your closet.  I have a few items in my closet that I truly love and wear over and over again, year after year.  One of of those is a gray cardigan.  I recently realized I have been wearing the same gray cardigan since before I met my husband….  That was 10 years ago.  I just love it so much! Well… I might just have to purge that old cardigan from my closet, because I am now in my love with my NEW gray cardigan! The new women’s cardigan sewing pattern by Seamingly Smitten is the staple item you need in your closet this fall and winter!  Look for the Coupon Code for 25% off at the end of the post too!

Claire Women"s Cardigan Sewing Pattern
Claire Women”s Cardigan Sewing Pattern

Is this Claire Cardigan not the gorgeous women’s cardigan ever? I love the elegant simple lines.  I am only 5’0″ and usually have to shorten all my patterns, but not patterns from Seamingly Smitten, they come awith petite length already.  Thank you so much!!!  It makes it so nice to have to adjust a sewing pattern.  Regular and tall heights are also available.


Did I mention the Claire Cardigan has pockets? Yep!  I have already tested the pockets and my iPhone fits all snugly inside, with plenty of room for other things.

Women's Cardigan Sewing Pattern
Seamingly Smitten Women’s Claire Women’s Cardigan Sewing Pattern

Look at how deep these pockets go!!   There were not an pockets in my old gray cardigan. As a Mom of two little kids, they will come in handy for my phone, toys, keys, snacks (you know the ones I am hiding from kids.  LOL), etc.  Normally I probably would have been lazy and not added the pockets, however one reason I love testing patterns, is it helps me add pockets and finish hems.  Do not look too closely at the bottom of my pleather fabric leggings, they may or not be hemmed. 😉  I made the leggings with the Patterns for Pirates Peg Leg Pattern and Black Foil Spandex Pleather.

Women's Cardigan Sewing Pattern
Side view of the Seamingly Smitten Claire Women’s Cardigan Sewing Pattern


My bust measures right on the edge of a small and medium, but as my readers know, I still have a Mom bod and having a hard time getting rid of belly pouch. My waist measured at an XL.  Therefore, I chose to try the Claire Cardigan in the medium size, as it does not need to fit around my waist all of the way.  I think it was a perfect size!  It still has extra room, so I can wear it over bulky winter clothes, but not too bulky that it looks too big.  The Claire Cardigan by Seamingly Smitten comes in sizes XS to XXXL in petite, regular and tall.

Women's Cardigan Sewing Pattern
Women’s Cardigan Sewing Pattern


It can be made in a variety of knit fabrics.  I chose a sweater knit I received from Sincerely Rylee.  I have a new obsession with Sincerely Rylee!!  She offers mystery sweater boxes by color palettes.  Normally I am always disappointed when I purchase mystery boxes from other companies, however these never disappoint me.  I think its the idea that you get to choose your own color palette, so you have an idea of what colors you may receive.  Here is a picture of a few of the sweater knit I have received in my past mystery boxes:

sweater knit boxes by sincerely rylee
Sincerely Rylee color palette sweater knit mystery boxes

The sweater knit I used for the Claire Cardigan pattern is the third one down from the top.  Sincerely Rylee just had a Color Palette Sweater Knit Box Sale this last Friday and they still have a few left!! Hurry go and buy some before they are gone, I promise you will not regret it!  I chose the blueberries color palette, as my husband wants me to make him a sweater, after he saw the sweater I made for my son for school picture day.  Let me know if the comments below which one you choose.

Women's Cardigan Sewing Pattern
Seamingly Smitten Claire Cardigan Sewing Pattern for Women

Buy It Now!

If you somehow had made it to the bottom post and still have not bought your Seamingly Smitten Claire Women’s Cardigan Sewing Pattern and your Sincerely Rylee Sweater Knit Boxes yet, go now! Save 25% OFF with code: CLAIRECARDIGAN for 48 hours only! This women’s cardigan sewing pattern is going to be a staple in your fall and winter wardrobe!   You can purchase the Seamingly Smitten Claire Cardigan here and the Sincerely Rylee Sweater Knit Color Palette boxes here!



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  1. I love your cardigan!Those sweater knits from Sincerely Rylee came in beautiful colors!!

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